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Career Services

Welcome to my website. I offer adult Career Counselling, CV Writing and Interview Coaching services in person from my office in Cork City centre and online via the Zoom platform.  

I have an MSc in Career Management & Counselling from Birkbeck College at the University of London, although my approach is best described as relational, collaborative, exploratory and intuitive. 



CV Writing Service

I offer a high quality professional CV Writing service tailored to the needs of individuals at all career stages, whether you are beginning your career, changing jobs, changing field of work, returning to work, been in consistent employment, self employment or intermittent work. Here are my iindicative fees:

  • Professionals & Managers, Experienced Operatives & Trades €150 - €200
  • Trades, Operatives, Undergraduates, Graduates - €130

    My fee for the work will be assessed on a case by case basis and I will quote accordingly.

    My goal is to provide a CV that tells the story of your career, highlighting the themes of your experience, whether you have been in consistently similar work or if you have done a range of what appear to be unrelated jobs.

    I will illustrate your experience with relatable statements of on-the-job action, in order to clearly demonstrate the transferability of your abilities, competencies, experience, expertise, attitudes and skills.

    How does it work?
  • Email or telephone with your enquiry
  • I will respond requesting a copy of your CV
  • If this is your first CV I will send a form to gather initial data
  • When I have your draft CV/data I will provide a quote
  • I will set up a CV Writing Consultation in person or via the Zoom Platform
  • We will meet to enable me to gather and clarify details and get a sense of your character
  • You will have your CV sent by email in a format that can be easily updated

    Read my CV Writing page if you wish to get a sense of my CV writing style.


Career Counselling 

Career guidance is traditionally associated with providing information about courses and jobs, a model of guidance many of us experienced in school. However, as we mature and gain more work and life experience, we have different career support needs.

Career Counselling incorporates the skills of coaching, consulting and counselling and maybe a little guidance. It is a process that is collaborative, exploratory and relational and therefore more fitting the needs of adults, particularly mid-career. 

A consultation offers a space to talk through what is going on in your career; an upsetting event, a problem you are experiencing or an idea you want to explore. Some examples:

  • a difficult experience or relationship breakdown
  • undermining, harassment, misuse of power, bullying
  • a situation that has ended badly
  • feelings of confusion
  • burnout
  • lack of clarity, motivation or direction

Alternatively, it could be a space to approach an important decision, prepare for an important conversation, reflect on your career or consider your future and what is important to you.

My role is to utilise my skills in coaching, consulting and counselling to provide support and address questions in a safe environment while offering what insight I have based on my experience.


Interview Coaching

Focused interview preparation with one to one coaching and training is particularly useful if you are feeling a bit rusty, time limited or in need of some objective input, tips, practice and techniques.

As an interview coach my job is to help you tease out the information – evidence – that would help you demonstrate your abilities in response to competency based interview questions and present your answers in a clear, relevant and engaging way.

How does it work?

  • You send me a copy of the job description in advance
  • We will arrange a one hour coaching session
  • We explore the meaning of competencies, tease out examples, use STAR technique and feedback

    Read my Interview Coaching Page if you wish to get a sense of my what's involved.

    I will provide guidance notes on how to prepare for and answer standard competency based interview questions. Return to top of page.


I work with people from all walks of life and occupations to produce effective CVs and prepare for interview. Please contact me in confidence to discuss your needs in relation to Interview Coaching, and CV Writing. Return to top of page.




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